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We warmly welcome all Passengers to Hawaii. We hope you enjoy your visit to the Hawaiian Islands.

Hawaii offers an abundance of excursions and activities to delight cruisers of all ages and activity levels. From sight seeing tours, helicopter flights, and snorkeling tours, the Hawaiian Islands has it all!!

Hawaii Cruise Excursions offers a variety of options for you to choose from. Our rates are direct rates from the operators which allow you to save money while providing you with a greater selection of shore excursions to choose from.

Island Marketing Ltd recommends excursions for your visit to Hawaii based on the Pride of America arrival times and departure time as well as the length of your visit. We also take into account the number of cruise ships arriving on the same day your ship comes to port. We then can provide you with options on how to avoid the busy excursions when this is appropriate.

Please have a look at our recommended excursions and itineraries . If you don't find what you are looking for, click on Excursions in the top navigational buttons for a full listing of excursions.

Recommended Shore Excursions:

We are diligently working to bring you the best tours available in the Hawaiian Islands.

The Hawaiian Islands are uniquely situated in an ideal environment that provides access to incredible sea and land adventures.

We specialize in unique and boutique tours in addition to our "best for less" excursions, offering excellent value for some of the most popular tours. Island Marketing Ltd offers tours and excursions for almost every budget and individual need.

Hawaii Cruise Excursions are tour and excursion experts representing the best independent operators in Hawaii. We provide firsthand information on each and every excursion we offer and recommend the excursions that work best for you. That's the Island Marketing Ltd. difference!


Hilo Volcano National Park Hawaii

Join us for one of the most spectacular shows on Earth. This is a tour that combines the very best of Hilo, Hawaii, taking you to a beautiful cascading waterfall, beautiful botanical gardens, a black sand beach and the most active volcano in the world, the Kilauea Caldera.

hawaii tours#1 Recommended Tour for HILO

Click Here for Big Island Volcano Tour Info

Hilo Volcano National Park Hawaii

Join us on our spectacular excursion in Hawaii with our Big Island Volcano National Park and Swim Tour.

NOTE: This tour is NEW and based on the current volcano eruptions and lava flows of 2018!

hawaii tours#1 Recommended Tour for HILO

Click Here for Volcano National Park and Swim Tour

Hilo Volcano tours

Join us for one of the most spectacular shows on Earth, The Big Island Volcano National Park and Rainbow Falls Tour.

This is the best volcano tour offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to view the most active volcano in the world, the Kilauea Caldera.


Click Here for Private Volcano Tours Info

Helicopter tours Big Island

Fly high on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Admire the ever changing colors and landscape of Hawaii Volcano National Park unfold as rainforest gives way to barren lava fields.

Immediately after take-off, you will fly over dense rainforest and lush valleys with streams and pools filled by cascading waterfalls!!!

Hiko helicopter toursClick Here for Big Island Helicopter Excursions Infobi island helicopter tours

Hilo helicopter flight

Extreme Helicopter flight!

Xtreme DOORS OFF Helicopter Tour is an impressive and dramatic way to take in the full majesty of the largest active volcano in the world.

The birds eye view you will have is breath-taking as you fly over tropical rainforests, waterfalls and the massive Kilauea Caldera.

volcano helicopter TourClick Here for Big Island Helicopter Excursions Infovolcanoes helicopter tour

Hawaii Kona tours

Kona is rich in Hawaiian history and our guides will take you on an historical cruise along the Golden coast, sharing tales of Kona's unique history and folklore. This tour combines a ride on an Outrigger, a traditional Hawaiian canoe with a relaxing beach day where you can swim, sunbath and snorkel, directly from your beach lounging chair.

hawaii tours#1 Recommended Tour for KONA

hawaii outrigger toursClick Here for Kona Outrgger Excursion Infokona excursions

Hawaii Dolphin Snorkel Tour

Experience swimming with dolphins on the beautiful Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii!

The Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins are dolphin pods families that are here year round. They are curious, friendly and very gentle.

This is an eco-friendly dolphin enounter where you will visit them on a morning snorkel in their natural enviroment.

kona hawaii toursClick Here for Additional Dolphin Swim Infokona snorkeling tours

Kona Hawaii excursions

The waters off the Kona Coast are truly blessed with an outstanding abundance of marine life. We have over a half dozen different whale species that live in Kona's waters year round.

On this combination adventure zodiac tour, you will snorkel Kona's pristine waters and cruise the beautiful golden Kona Coast for Dolphins and Whales.

dolphin encounter hawaiiClick Here for Zodiac Snorkel Tour InfoBig island tiyrs

kauai island tours

On this outstanding sightseeing excursion you will visit Kauai's picturesque East Coast with its characteristic swaying palm trees, beautiful beaches and sacred Heiau ruins; The North Shore with shear mountain cliffs, emerald green Taro Fields; and a river boat ride up the Wailua River to the Fern Grotto.

hawaii tours#1 Recommended Tour for KAUAI

Kauai Island toursClick Here for Additional Kauai Island tour InfoKauai excursions

kauai island tours

On our Kauai North Shore and Waterfalls Tour we take you to Kauai's dramatic North Shore - Na Pali Coast and get up close with two of Kauai's most beautiful and sparkeling waterfalls.


Kauai Island toursClick Here for North Shore and Waterfalls tour InfoKauai excursions

kauai island tours

On our Kauai Waimea Canyon and Waterfalls Tour we take you to the famous "Grand Canyon of the Pacific" and get up close with two of Kauai's most beautiful and sparkeling waterfalls.


Kauai Island toursClick Here for Waimea Canyon and Waterfalls InfoKauai excursions

Kauai airplane flights

Experience untamed Kauai.

This exhilarating airplane tour will take you over areas of Kauai where no one has ever set foot, hidden places that can only be discovered from the air.

You will see many major movie locations that have made Kauai a favorite of Hollywood movie makers.

Kauai toursClick Here for Additional Kauai Airplane InfoKauai airplane tour

Maui excursions

No other island is like Maui; this island has the best growing climate for tropical flowers, exotic fruits, sweet berries, vineyards and breathtaking fields of lavender. Enjoy an amazing tour of Maui, sampling fresh, gourmet Hawaiian products throughout your excursion.

hawaii tours#1 Recommended Tour for MAUI

excursions hawaiiClick Here for Additional Taste of Maui Tour Infoexcursions maui

Maui Molokini Snorkeling Excursion

Snorkel at one of the top 10 dive sites in the world, Molokini Crater.

Enjoy a memorable morning of snorkeling in the blue Hawaiian waters of Maui.

At Molokini Crater and Turtle Town you will experience snorkeling in crystal clear waters with over 250 species of tropical colorful fish.

Molokini snorkeling tourClick Here for Additional Molokini Snorkel Infomaui snorkeling tours

Maui Whale Watching excursions

Hawaii is one of the world's most important habitats for the magnificent Humpback Whale.

Approximately two-thirds of North Pacific humpback whales migrate to Hawaii's warm waters for the winter every year.

Join us for an enchanting eco-friendly Whale Watching Adventure.

December 15 to April 15 only.

hawaii whales tourClick Here for Additional Maui Whales Infomaui excursions




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